Getting recruitment and induction right

With so many posts to fill, busy outlet managers are under pressure to get the best team members. How can you ensure your managers are making your offer attractive to candidates and making good recruitment decisions? And then giving your new recruits the best possible start?


Our new Managing People series includes an episode on Recruitment. Go to the Managing People website to download a free guide that will help managers make a good decision on who to hire. There’s also a short animation, which highlights the key things every manager needs to consider when it comes to recruitment.


It’s important to get your team members up to speed as brand ambassadors as quickly as possible. There’s a free guide to getting the first few weeks right on the induction section of the Managing People website. Download the guide to find out a bit more about how to plan inductions for your team.

Receiving a job offer

Download the Managing People Course Catalogue for details of all courses.