Roll the Dice – Malmaison’s gamble pays off

Lindsay Southward, Director of People Development, gave a superb presentation at the Upskill People HR in Hospitality event. She presented a new initiative to drive Malmaison’s Food & Beverage Strategy to a packed room at The Athenaeum. Demonstrating an innovative use of online learning, Malmaison launched their Roll the Dice initiative via online learning in selected hotels in their group and measured the results against those that didn’t have access to the course.

mal_dice_detail“Our challenge was to improve the Sleeper Diner Ratio in all properties. We launched online learning for our Roll the Dice initiative to communicate quickly and easily through interactive role play and scenarios. And then we evaluated the results and have proved that online learning improves our sales.”

Lindsay Southward, Director of People Development

The online learning was trialled in four hotels in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool and Manchester. During the trial period there was a 5% average improvement in people eating in the restaurant that were staying – that was double what was achieved in the other hotels – and the average spend per head in the hotels that utilised online learning doubled compared to the hotels that did not.

“We call this ‘The Holy Grail for online learning’. Linking an increase in sales directly to the method of training is exactly what business leaders are looking for. Malmaison has proved that a creative and innovative use of online learning adds directly to the bottom line,” says Pete Fullard, Creative Director of Upskill People.

Malmaison is also utilising online learning for its brand inductions and to improve service at the bar through the Perfect Serve courses, recently launched by Upskill People. “We are changing people’s perception of online learning by delivering results. This is what engages people right from the top of the business. For HR and People Development it’s about proactively reacting to business needs and seeing different ways to drive and adapt what we do,” says Lindsay Southward.